Do you believe in caring so much for someone that even if they aren't with you... You hope they find happiness. I swear I can't stop thinking about him and I write him poetry...



Sure, I believe that. I still write to people who is not with me anymore. Love is not being with someone forever, at least for me.

Hello! Finally watched Polytechnique and Incendies. polytechnique was a good movie kept me on edge but Incendies was absolutely amazing, i loved everything about it. Thank you !


You’re welcome x))))))) 
is it possible to suggest me a good movie?

no not yet! but I did watch villeneuve's previous movie 'Prisoners' (which i absolutely loved), do you recommend Enemy??


villeneuve what a genius he is?
'incendies' I would put this film to the very top shelf, and that says everything, I guess.
Well, if you liked previous work of his – then this one’s the very best.. at least for me :)) really can’t remember when was the last time I surprised and care when watching film after finished it i can’t sleep. Great performance of actors, wonderful cinematography, and so on, i’ll recommend  ’Polytechnique’ you need to see them.
But enemy like the double btw, i don’t like it so much